Express delivery service
Courier's application for crowdsourcing express delivery service.
It automates all business tasks and completely controls courier's work
User interface is plain and simple: it'll be familiar to everyone.
List of available, active and completed orders
Detailed order view
Working schedule selection
Complete automatization significantly reduces dispatcher's workload.
Most of the functions are available offline.
Couriers location is always tracked by system with a precision of a few meters.
Convenient chat for interaction with dispatchers — all the required information is readily available.
Software engineer
Applications for business employees demand high reliability and must be easy to use in everyday's work. Application was supposed to perform many business tasks. Thanks to the full implementation of all those tasks system can now perform over 95% of deliveries in fully automatic mode.
Most functions in Dostavista are intuitive and are made for simplicity of use. This allows couriers to earn more. The app receives regular updates which often add new functionality, but it still retains it's style and simplicity.
Yuriy Vilnid
Executive director Dostavista

I'd like to express my gratitude towards Sebbia from Dostavista project and from myself personally. We've been working for a several years now, and the colleagues always show highest levels of expertise, punctuality and attention to the client.

Dostavista app fully complies to our requirements and successfully solves our tasks. I'd like to point out fast response times for feature requests. We are planning to keep working with Sebbia.

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