Exciting game made specificly to demonstrate capabilities of the new Huawei TV-set.
The game is based on the physical laws of the universe. To hit an enemy ship, players need to take into account firing angle and force aswell as gravitational fields of planets and asteroids.
TV remote control is sufficient to play the game.
The game features many levels with gradual difficulty increase. It also features a selection of weapons for every taste.
Friendly graphics and animations are created according to the best examples of casual games.
Software engineer
GraviWar is a good example of how strict deadlines can leads to an innovative technological solutions. For instance, you can modify level files while the game is running and all the changes will immediately be reflected in game. This allows you to skip development of a level designing software altogether. We were also able to achieve required graphic quality by modifying graphics engine.
TV-sets have many distinctive features, but GraviWar is definatly a game that will also thrive in mobile environment. Exciting game mechanics distinguish GraviWar from other slighshot games and show great potential for freemium monetization. Regarding the initial task, we were able to create a game that worked great on the target platform. In the CSTB forum GrawiWar was a real blast.
Guo Xiaoqiao
Director of Huawei Russia Open Platform Project

Huawei is actively working with several Russian operators to cooperate in IPTV and STB business. All operators are looking forward that Huawei can bring a one-stop TV solution with ready services integrated in our STBs. Huawei invite Sebbia as one of our STB app partner in Russian market to join the CSTB forum.

Although there’s difficulty such as very limited time and remote communication, Sebbia had finish the service integration with Huawei’s STB within 1 week. This is quite amazing efficient. Sebbia’s app attract many potential partners and customer for Huawei in the CSTB forum. Huawei is very content with the cooperation experience.

Sebbia is very professional partners and service developer. If you have requirement to find a app development partner in your business, I am always ready to recommend Sebbia as your partner.

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