Case study from Vedomosti Newspaper representative about the development of the new mobile apps for iOS and Android in 2015.
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In Februay, 2015 «Ведомости» had performed a website revision which completely changed it's design and functionality. Everything was redone from scratch and so it was the turn for the mobile apps to be rebuilt.
New convenient and simple design
The design was greatly simplified, while still retaining the signifying features of the old app.
The new design was focused around main content.
Mobile application screenshots - for phone and tablet
Site content and newspaper content are now combined
Newspaper content is now available as a part of application - including newspaper archives and ability to download newspaper for offline use.
Mobile application screenshots - opinions, headline, archive.
New ways of representing content
Convenient comments and sharing
Comments are managed by the Hypercomments service. We've developed standalone SDK to integrate it into mobile apps.
New functional blocks
Seamless ad integration
Effective mobile ad formats are available via AdRiver ad network. Both html and video ads are available.
To be able to interact with AdRiver we had to create mobile SDK and develop new ad formats.
From application to website
Mobile website design was based on mobile applications

We had to design applications for both iOS and Android, mobile phones and tablets. Those applications each had to comply to platform guidelines, and yet all of them had to look alike with website. We had to preserve classic look of a business newspaper while introducing the functions inherent to mobile devices.

We had created several prototypes. As a part of design process we had also created specifications and guidelines for every aspect of the design.

Lead software engineer

Deadlines that were set by the customer were extremely strict. We had to write code almost simultaneously with design and website changes. This conditions required close cooperation between development teams and we were often forced to make changes in already implemented functions.

Another signifying feature of the project is that we had to integrate applications directly with 3rd party services that had no established API at the moment. Some of them were never even used with mobile apps before.

Marketing director

Widescale website revision had drastically changed not only design, but all the inner structure of the website, which led us to necessity to change mobile applications.

The task was difficult not only because of the strict deadlines, but also because we were constantly adding complex features as we were working on the website.

Meanwhile it was not only necessary to inherit corporate style but to inherit website structure aswell.

Sebbia has adopted well to all specifics of working with business newspaper, where content play the key role.

Besides professionalism and efficiency, I'd like to point out company's employees involvement in the project. We were constantly receiving suggestions about possible improvements.

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